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Control+Shift+Enter, by Mike "ExcelIsFun" Girvin

Mike "ExcelIsFun" Girvin

Product Details
DVD-ROM: 11+ Hours of Video

DVD: $39.95 USD

ISBN- 978-1-61547-008-2

Puchase This DVD


Control+Shift+Enter: Mastering Excel Array Formulas *DVD

Command The Power of the 'Array Formula' in Microsoft Excel!

Array Formulas are a powerful tool in Excel. An Array Formula works with a series of Data Values instead of a single Value. Excel Array Formulas are mysterious, even to people who use Excel 40 hours a week. Start with the secret keystroke that must be used to finish an Array Formula: Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Then, you have to know which functions will work with Arrays and which will not. Once you get a grasp on Array Formulas, you will find they solve problems that regular Excel Formulas can not solve, or would require hundreds of thousands of regular Formulas.


Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used to solve everyday Excel problems. If you need to figure out how many times your birthday fell on a Friday, an Array Formula can solve that. If you need to return a unique list of sales reps from a Database, an Array Formula can solve that.


Contents Table of DVD:

  • I. Introduction...0:07:33
  • 1. Review...0:59:25
  • 2. Array Introduction...0:19:17
  • 3. Comparative Operation...0:14:49
  • 4. Join Operation...0:14:42
  • 5. Function Argument Operation...0:08:20
  • 6. Array Constants...0:16:53
  • 7. Array Function TRANSPOSE...0:09:09
  • 8. Multi-Cell Array Formula...0:06:46
  • 9. SUMPRODUCT...0:45:16
  • 10. Use LOOKUP...0:17:01
  • 11. Array Functions without CSE...0:19:45
  • 12. Functions that won’t accept CSE...0:12:26
  • 13. Dynamic Ranges INDEX OFFSET...1:00:21
  • 14. Boolean...0:27:15
  • 15. Array Formula Rules...0:02:01
  • 16. Extract Records...1:14:11
  • 17. FREQUENCY...0:11:49
  • 18. Unique Count...0:41:17
  • 19. MMULT...0:24:17
  • 20. Extract Unique List...0:54:45
  • 21. Conditional Formatting...0:16:01
  • 22. MODE.MULT...0:09:30
  • 23. LINEST...0:12:31
  • 24. 26 Examples...1:20:50
  • Total Time ...11:06:10

About the Author

Mike Girvin teaches Fnance, Accounting, and Statistics Using Excel at Highline Community College. He has more than 1,800 Excel 'How-to' videos on YouTube and has been teaching people how to use Excel for the past 10 years. He lives in Seattle, Washington. He is also the author of 'Slaying Excel Dragons.'


*A Note About This Product:

The above DVD, "Ctrl+Shift+Enter", by Mike "ExcelIsFun" Girvin, Does Not follow along the same format as the book of the same title. This DVD is a stand-alone product with it's own format.

"The DVD 'Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Mastering Excel Array Formulas' is a separate product from the book. The two products cover the same broad topics related to creating efficient array formulas. However, the video has kinetic visuals of how array formulas work and less detail than the book. The book has a more complete story and systematic presentation of array formulas. If you really want to master array formulas, study both the book and the DVD.

The book of the same title ["Control+Shift+Enter", by Mike Girvin] is NOT part of this DVD as the formats between the two products differ greatly.


Product Details
DVD-ROM: 11+ Hours of Video

DVD: $39.95 USD

ISBN- 978-1-61547-008-2

Puchase This DVD


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