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April 9, 2014

Learn Excel “=INFO(“Directory”) to find Path”: Podcast #1876

Suppose that you want to use some VBA to save a file to the Desktop. But what is the real Path to the desktop? It is not ... Read more...

April 1, 2014

Learn Excel – “Launch Rockets with Excel (Rapid Prototyping)”: Podcast #1875

Bill serves up an ‘Out of This World‘ treat today! In Episode #1875, NASA’s Steven Cox explains how he used ... Read more...

March 28, 2014

Learn Excel – “MrExcel Review of Excel for iPad!”: Podcast #1874

Something a little different today as Bill switches to the iPad for some Excel-lent entertainment and this is what he reports ... Read more...

March 28, 2014

Ready to Step Up? PowerPivot Alchemy Can Help

“PowerPivot Alchemy: Patterns and Techniques for Excel“ “PowerPivot Alchemy [by Bill Jelen and Rob Collie] is ... Read more...

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