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Books and learning materials for Excel 2010.

Learn Excel 2010 from MrExcel

Learn Excel 2010 from MrExcel Book

If you use Excel 20-40 hours per week, this book will save you 50 hours per year.

Excel 2010 In Depth

Excel 2010 In Depth Book

Complete reference guide to Excel 2010, 1000+ pages.


Ctrl+Shift+Enter Book

Master Excel's powerful Excel Array Formulas using this book from Excel MVP Mike ExcelisFun Girvin.

Excel Outside the Box

Excel Outside the Box Book

Advanced Excel techniques from Excel MVP Bob Umlas.

VBA & Macros Excel 2010

VBA & Macros Excel 2010 Book

If you know Excel well and need to move from recording macros to writing VBA, this book will show you how.


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