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ISEMPTY does not want to work properly. Someone help me out of this.

(14 responses) I am looking to fill in blanks in the selected range with the word "Research" IF the cell is blank then cell = "Research" Simple enough, yet my mind is drawing a blank. The code

Colouring Blank cells

(10 responses) What should be the formula to color blank cells yellow using conditional formatting. "" symbol is not working.. Can anyone help me please

separating OT hours from total hours

(10 responses) I have a column H13:H each cell in the column represents the total hours worked that day, I am trying to come up with a formula where 9 hours of every day will be regular hours an

Copy Columns from one Workbook into another

(9 responses) Copy Columns from one Workbook into another, looping through sheets 6 to the last in the worksheet. Error message Compile Error: Duplicate declaration in current scope Sub Copya

Type a number and loop through cells and copy if condition is met

(9 responses) Hi All, I have a master data sheet which contains item numbers with different components. Each item has many different components. There are therefore more than one line with the

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