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Using VBA to check the value of a cell from another sheet to hide a row in another sheet?

(12 responses) Hello, I have a file with three sheets. Table1, Table2 and Table3. If the cell "C2" of "Table1" has a value cell "C2" of "Table2" will get it too via the formula "=Table1!C2" No

Sum the values in cells Q7:Q25 if values in column J is greater than 0

(11 responses) Hello Experts, I am trying to get the sum of values in column "Q" (Price) based on the values in column "J" (Qty). So, basically I am trying to total the price based on quantities

VBA Wildcard character help

(11 responses) I have this code, and it works perfect when the value is exactly when its "FFM-BLS15.01.00", but i need to adapt the code so that it catches all cells with "FFM" at the beginning,

IF Formula replacement instead of using EXACT

(10 responses) I have an IF formula I've been using that uses EXACT function in it, so anytime something was in CAPS and it matched a cell it would come back with a 2. If it matched but wasn't ca

Return Row Heading, Column Heading and Cell with Value

(9 responses) Hi, I have been trying a formula to return row and column heading from table 1 including the cell value of the cell with value in it. I had been trying to follow this post : Find

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