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How do I group together option buttons in Excel?

Posted by Mark on November 06, 2001 12:51 PM
I am trying to have several groups of option buttons (radio buttons) on a spreadsheet, when I do this, Excel seems to associate all the buttons together making only one choice per page, whereas my goal is to have soley one choice per group of category of my survey.

Re: How do I group together option buttons in Excel?

Posted by Jack on November 06, 2001 1:42 PM
You need to put in group box and have several group boxes, open forms toolbar and its xyz at top of box, expand as reqd and bung the radios in and clcik one and the another you cant select more that one in that box, do this all a secon box and see if you can change each without effecting the others, should work OK

can only have one none grouped set outside box per sheet, or as many as you like in boxes and one out

Good luck

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