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Show Positive numbers only

Posted by cindy on August 14, 2001 7:34 PM
hi i am working on a worksheet that is suppose to show results of a calculation but limited to positive numbers only.. helpppp.. deadline is fast approaching thanks.

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Re: Show Positive numbers only

Posted by neotech on August 14, 2001 8:08 PM
hello. if you're subtracting what's in a2 from what's in a1 and you want your result (in a3) to show only if it's a positive number, try this formula in a3...


this says if a1-a2 is less than one (0 or less) then leave the cell blank (""), otherwise go ahead and subract the two and show me the answer...


Re: Show Positive numbers only

Posted by Mark W. on August 15, 2001 6:56 AM
It's not clear to me what you're trying to do.
Is it possible that you want an absolute value
as your result as in...


...or if you merely want a number format that
doesn't display negative values as in...


Please be more specific!!!

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