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Preventing rows from scrolling in Excel???

Posted by Max Powers on April 27, 2001 1:27 AM
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How can you prevent rows from scrolling in a sheet?

I would like to have row 1 & 2 visible on the screen even if I use the scrollbar to scroll down to row 100.
(Like a frame in HTML, row 1 & 2 in the top frame and the rest in the main frame, see below)
44 SUM 44
45 SUM 45
46 SUM 46


Re: Preventing rows from scrolling in Excel???

Posted by Ian Bartlett on April 27, 2001 3:58 AM
Click on a cell just below the rows you want to keep on the screen, and just to the right of any columns you want to keep (ie. if you want to keep rows 1 & 2, and columns A, B & C, click cell D3).

Then click Windows, Freeze Panes. Remove them with Windows, Unfreeze panes.



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