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  "The techniques in this book will allow
you to dramatically increase your effectiveness
and efficiency when analyzing data in Excel"
-Richard B. Lanza, CPA, CFE, PMP

Excel for Auditors

"Packed with practical steps and real life Excel tips"

This book covers real-life auditing problems that can be investigated with Excel. In the process of learning the solutions and the opportunities, you will become confident with the many capabilities of Excel and be able to use Excel to analyze data.

"Covers Excel 97 through Excel 2007!"

Bill Jelen has been written over 1500 pages about Excel 2007. He has used five beta versions since October 2005. Every auditor is looking forward to having 1.1 million rows in Excel 2007, but this book shows you how to use new features in Excel 2007. The book covers all versions; it shows the steps for Excel 2003 and then how the steps are different in Excel 2007.

"Covers the basics and more in-depth tasks"

The most powerful Microsoft Excel features that can be used to sort through data to produce meaningful auditing analyses are outlined in this manual. Find duplicates. Perform stratification. Audit Formulas. Use Pivot Tables.

The book covers topics such as:
  • Finding Duplicates
  • Stratification
  • Random Sampling
  • Formula Auditing
  • Finding Fraud
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Analysis
  • Isolating Outliers
  • Automating Analysis

"Learn from an auditor and MrExcel"

It is a perfect team; an experienced auditor to provide real life problems and MrExcel to show you how to solve problems in Excel.

About the authors:
  • Dwayne K. Dowell is the founder of Dwayne K. Dowell, PSC, a CPA firm located in Louisville, KY. In addition to be a Certified Public Accountant, Dwayne is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor. His work experience includes over 21 years of experience with fourteen years in public accounting and over seven years in private industry as a Chief Financial Officer in the health care industry. Professional memberships include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Managerial Accountants and the Association of Certified Anti- Money Laundering Specialists.

    Dwayne graduated with an A.B. in Economics and Political Science from Duke University and a Masters of Business Administration from Golden Gate University with an emphasis in tax law. Mr. Dowell is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and Certified Intacct Consultant.

  • Bill Jelen is MrExcel - a popular regular guest on the Call for Help television show and author of twelve books about Microsoft Excel. Before founding in 1998, Jelen spent twelve years "in the trenches" as an analyst in accounting, finance, and operations departments.

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Table of Contents

  • Copying a Worksheet
  • Showing Numbers in Thousands
  • Quickly Seeing Sum or Average - Better in XL 2007!
  • Adding Subtotals
  • Quickly Filling a Series
  • Using a Fixed Value in Your Formula
  • Replacing a Thousand Formulas with One
  • Highlighting Outliers
  • Using Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007 - Better in XL 2007!
  • Finding Transactions from the Last Week
  • Using Icon Sets to Mark Values
  • Excel Secrets: Applying Icons to Only the Top 10%
  • Turning Your Data on Its Side with Transpose - Better in XL 2007!
  • Joining Text
  • Looking up Data
  • Dealing with #N/A for Missing Values
  • When You Know There Is a Match but Excel Cannot Find It
  • Retrieving Many Columns from the Lookup Range
  • Getting Good Records from Bad Data
  • Sorting Your Data - Better in XL 2007 - Sort by Color!
  • Dealing with Dates
  • Fiscal Responsibility (Fiscal Years NOT Ending on 12/31)
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Analyzing Results by Date
  • Creating a Random Sample from a Dataset
  • Finding and Analyzing Records Using AutoFilter
  • Formula Auditing
  • Matching Two Lists
  • Finding Duplicates or Unique Values - Better in XL 2007!
  • Finding Missing Dates in Data
  • Automating Excel with VBA
  • Conclusion
  • Index

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    Product Details
    Paperback: 212 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 7.375" x 9.25" x 11mm
    Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; ISBN 1932802169 (October 15, 2006)
    Price: $24.95

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