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May 2011

The Winners of this MrExcel Challenge have been selected!

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      Two Xbox 360s Are Up For Grabs – See Challenge Details Below!


PowerPivot and Azure Data Marketplace [ADM]:
Use Them Together to Create a Visually Striking Dashboard.

The Contest Rules – Reviving the Challenge of the Month

From May 5, 2011 to June 4, 2011,  the challenge will be for you to think of and then create the most visually striking dashboard you can imagine using Microsoft PowerPivot and Microsoft Azure Data Marketplace together in Microsoft Excel 2010! Just Build it!

How It Works: The Dashboard must be built in Excel 2010, using PowerPivot to mash up two (2) or more Data Sets. At least one (1) Data Set should be coming via Azure Data Marketplace [ADM] …Hint: How about Crime Stats or Weather Data? Key to this competition is the phrase ‘Visually Striking Dashboard’; consider the use of Charts, Conditional Formatting, Sparklines, SmartArt, WordArt and More. The limitations are merely the extent of your imagination for this one!

Entries will be required to include no fewer than three (3) screenshots of your masterpiece and perhaps a little text to fill us in on execution and what inspired your creation! Your Screenshots will be featured on this page following the contest and awarding of prizes!

Challenge Deadline: June 4, 2011 by 11:59 PM (23:59 Hrs) EDT.

Judging Of Entries: There are Two (2) Xbox360 Prizes…so there will be Two (2) Judging Panels.

  • Prize #1 – Reader’s Choice Award [everyone gets to choose their favorite].

  • Prize #2 – A Panel of Judges from MrExcel and Microsoft will choose their favorite.

Other Considerations for You:

  • Want to share your ‘Challenge Tips’ with others? Load your video up to YouTube and send us the link – Consult-at-MrExcel-dot-Com !

  • Contribute your ‘Challenge Tips’ to the MrExcel Message Board – Use This Thread.

  • Already have an Xbox360? Help a friend, lend a hand – get involved and have some fun!

Future Amendments to This Page will be denoted at the top of the page with a bookmark link to the pertinent information.

Voting Booth for Reader’s Choice will be set up and announced [ here and on the MrExcel Message Board ] nearing the end of the May 2011 Challenge.

The Prizes: There will be TWO (2) prizes for this contest [one (1) per each of the two (2) categories] – the top two selected entries will receive anXBOX 360 with Kinect!

Send your entries to Consult-at-MrExcel-dot-Com .

Terms & Conditions:

  • Decisions of the judges is final.

  • Contest is open to anyone* who can meet the requirements for competition – please be sure that service to operate XBOX is available to you before entry.

  • Each of the 2 prizes offered consists of 1 XBOX360 and 1 Kinect device each: service to operate said devices is strictly the responsibility of the contestant.

    • The Prize Packages are US versions of the Xbox360 and Kinect. If you are outside of the USA, you are responsible for incoming customs and duties [see below], as well as any local adapter required to convert the US power cord/service for use [see above].

  • Contest is void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted by law.

  • Employees of Tickling Keys, Inc – et al are not eligible for contest entry

* Contestants younger than age 3 require parental or guardian permission; older than 105 years require a physician’s statement.

* If rash develops, discontinue use.

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