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In the years since MrExcel started, I've met many new online friends and as I have traveled around, I occassionally have had the opportunity to meet people who I originally met here at MrExcel. So, this will start as a photo album of people who I've met. If you are a member of our community and have met someone else from the board in person, send your photo to consult at and I will add it to the album.

MVP Greg Truby and Bill Jelen wowed the Kansas City IMA with their dueling Excel prowess

Bill in 'Excel' action at the IMA Education Conference in Springfield, MO (above and below)

Bill wasn't beyond shameless promotion to try and get a few more people to the U.K. seminars.(above and below)

A group of the MrExcel community met before the Southampton UK seminar. From left: Mel, Bryony, Rich, Jon, Russ.

It was Student Day at the IIA seminar in Springfield, IL on October 19, 2007. Dr. Nausser Jamali and several of his accounting students from Illinois College came to the seminar.

Check out these cool WOWIO Segways at the 2007 Book Expo America. Wowio is a US service that provides free e-books – you can get a couple of my Excel books there for free.

We had a great time and a sold-out crowd at the first Data Analyst Boot Camp in Dallas in May 2007. The next boot camp will be on September --- in Chicago.

Jay Petrulis, Kat, SlinkRN, and MrExcel in Chicago in June 2006. We had just stopped at the world famous Billy Goat Tavern for Double Cheezeborgers, no Pepsi - Coke, no fries - chips.

Bill and Matt aka OakTree in Chicago

NateO, Starl, and MrExcel on the set of Call for Help in April 2006

Tracy Syrstad, Nate Oliver and I all went to the Toronto Blue Jays game with a great group of Toronto-area folks from the site - April 2006

Bill Jelen and Colo at the MVP Summit in Redmond, WA - October 2005

Mr Spreadsheet and Mr Excel - John Walkenbach at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle - September 2005

Zack (aka Firefytr), Bob Phillips, Bill, Andy Pope and Colo at Redmond Town Center - September 2005

Scott Pierson, Anne "Dreamboat" Troy and Bill "MrExcel" Jelen in front of Madison Square Garden in New York City - December 2004

Duane from the board in Toronto Canada - October 2004

Bill Jelen and Dave Graveline at the Into Tomorrow Radio studio in Miami - July 2004

Bill Jelen and Brian from Maui in Maui - January 2004

Bill Jelen and author Dan Poynter in Pittsburgh - December 2003

Dave came in from Ct for the signing at Computer Book Works in Manhattan - October 2003

Bill Jelen and Tom Urtis in San Francisco - September 2003

Ronolulu and Bill Jelen in Laguna Beach, California Aug 2003

Mike, Bill, and Juan Pablo in Aruba - Dec 2002.

There are more photos at irvine.shtml.

I've also met some folks but took their picture with a regular camera instead of a digital camera. Those are going to be harder to track down.

If you have photos of you and someone else who you've met through the MrExcel site, send them in!


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