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Are you tired of gathering extensive stock market information and not knowing what to do with it? Let Mr. Excel help. 

Mr. Excel has helped numerous clients analyze valuable stock market data by writing customized macros that instantly analyze and translate the data.

Every macro and application created for analyzing stock market data is a custom job. Mr. Excel and his Consulting Network carefully analyze your requirements and objectives and create an application that works to meet your specifications. We never reuse the same stock market data analysis application twice so you can rest assured that your complete privacy and security is guaranteed. In our eyes, your idea is a highly confidential trade secret that we never share with anyone. 

With market data analysis, Mr. Excel can help you:

  • Analyze and translate stock data quickly
  • Sort and group information
  • Capture and archive live data on a regular basis
  • Create custom data charts (line slopes, P&F charts, etc.)

If you have a large amount of valuable stock data, let MrExcel.com consulting services automate your analysis ideas. We’ll create a custom application that enables you to quickly and easily sort through piles of stock data and easily find that soon-to-be high-flying stock that might just make you rich!

Click here or send your project requirements and instructions to consult@MrExcel.com for a free estimate for developing a custom stock market data analysis application. Mr. Excel and his Consulting Network will examine your project requirements and objectives and provide you with a cost estimate for the job.

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Do you find yourself wasting time performing the same tasks daily, weekly or monthly? Ask MrExcel.com about how we can turn this task into a quick job that is activated by just a few clicks of the mouse.

Simply contact Mr. Excel and he and his Consulting Network can turn your mundane regular tasks into fast, simple applications. 

Using Visual Basic for Application, or VBA, we can help you discover the power of Excel. If you own Excel, you already have Excel/VBA. With VBA and Excel, we can create custom applications that automate your work in Excel, showing you how to fully take advantage of all Excel can do for you while saving you valuable time every week.

We can help you utilize Excel/VBA to automate a wide variety of tasks, including the following:

  • Import data from your new ERP system
  • Auto-create sophisticated reports which are actually useful for running your business
  • Automate the mundane task of formatting weekly reports
  • Automatically generate charts and pivot tables 
  • Develop bullet-proof user interfaces for collecting meaningful information 
  • Develop complete applications 

Click here or send your project requirements and instructions to consult@MrExcel.com for a free estimate for solving your engineering problem with our custom engineering and graphics consulting service. Mr. Excel and his Consulting Network will examine your project requirements and objectives and provide you with a cost estimate for the job.

To learn more about Excel/VBA services available from MrExcel.com, check out what our clients are saying about us:

"We have just finished the meeting and the application was an outstanding success. I am trying to think of one work that describes the astonishment, disbelief, excitement, quizzical and bewilderment, because they are all the expressions I saw from five managers and one director. Anyway Bill, it was very successful - thank you."
V.C., Australia - January 2001 

"You are the Michael Jordan of Excel."
D.B., Southern California - June 2001 

"Phenomenal! I had no idea this could be done with Excel."
G.C., New Orleans - July 2001

Data Analysis
Data Analysis is another service we offer under the category of Excel/VBA Development. This service is ideal for projects that you are under the gun to finish or for one-time processing of information.

MrExcel.com's Data Analysis can also help by creating applications that take care of the mundane processing of one-time tasks that it doesn't make sense to automate. In other cases, creating a customized Macro may be the answer. Mr. Excel and his Consulting Network analyze your project and provide you with the solution that meets your needs, whether it's a one-time processing of data or creating a custom program that automates daily, monthly, and weekly tasks. Our knowledge and experience gets the job done, ensuring you get the most from your data and meet your deadlines.

Some of the Custom Data Analysis Services provided by MrExcel.com include:
  • Match and combine data records from different sources
  • Emergency re-creation of a file needed for go-live of a new system 
  • Segregate data into regional workbooks for distribution
  • Convert data with 1 to 15 lines per employee to a summary with 1 line per employee
  • Use a fuzzy match process to match customer names
  • Compare budget data in Excel to data imported from corporate budgeting system
  • Create charts in PowerPoint® using client data
  • Merge ASCII text files from a vendor and the client's mainframe system to create a new report
  • Develop custom macros to quickly process and analyze data

Click here or send your data and instructions to consult@MrExcel.com for a free estimate for your Custom Data Analysis service. Mr. Excel and his Consulting Network will examine your project and provide you with a cost estimate for the job.

Check out some real-life applications of Data Analysis Services using Macros available from MrExcel.com:

Example 1:
A business has two files of data from two different sources. File A contains information about item numbers from a legacy system and File B contains different information about item numbers. File A may contain part numbers not found in File B, and vice-versa. The business needs a report with information about all part numbers in either file, with sub-reports of what is missing from File A and File B. Hiring a temporary to perform the mundane task of manually processing the data is likely to be error-prone and take too long. Instead, MrExcel.com can provide a quote for creating a customized macro that can quickly process the data.

Example 2:
During a new system implementation, a business finds that their new system requires receiving data in a specific format. The old system's reports contain unwanted graphics and information on different reports. MrExcel.com quickly eliminated the unwanted information, like headers and footers, inserted the information needed like account numbers for example, and corrected the formatting of the report to suit the business' needs.

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Training Seminars
Bill Jelen, an Excel speaker and trainer, is available on selected dates for on-site training. His entertaining and informative "Power Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Excel" will teach your group how to dramatically improve their efficiency with Excel.

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