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A picture is worth 1000 words. Learn how to visually present data.

Mynda Treacy's Dashboard Course

Dashboard Course

Learn how to create amazing Excel dashboards from MVP Mynda Treacy.

Peltier Tech Chart Utility

Peltier Tech Chart Utility

Add custom chart types to Excel. Includes Cluster-Stack, Waterfall, Dot-Plot and more.

Excel 2013 Charts Book

Charts & Graphs Excel 2013 Book

My book on Charts & Graphs, including new features in Excel 2013.

Excel 2010 Charts Book

Charts & Graphs Excel 2010 Book

My book on Charts & Graphs, for Excel 2010.

Charley Kyd Dashboarding Kit

Charley Kyd Dashboarding Kit

A collection of easy-to-customize dashboards for Excel.

Dashboarding with Power Pivot

Dashboarding with Power Pivot Book

Use Power Pivot, Power View, and Power BI to create a dashboard, end-to-end.

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