The Devil Strip
Greetings from Akron, Ohio!

When I moved to Akron in 1986, the local chamber of commerce had a "Welcome to Akron" guide. In this guide, they explain some local terms. One of the local terms that this book explained was the term "Devil Strip" to describe the section of lawn between the street and the sidewalk.

Well, I have been here for a while, and I have come to like the term. Keep in mind, when I moved here, it seemed like a pretty ridiculous expression. This strip was a "treelawn", a "curblawn" or something, but certainly not a "devil strip".

Every day, I drive past a sign which advises "No Parking on Devil Strip". These signs are throughout the city. The particular one that I drive past is near the Firestone High School baseball diamond.

In late 2000, I was driving near the park on Shatto, behind the West Market Walgreens, when I spotted a brand new no parking sign. I was alarmed - and somewhat concerned - that the sign said "No Parking on Lawn Area". What happened to the term Devil Strip? Has someone in Akron City Planning decided it is too old? Too politically incorrect? What is going on? We need to spring to action to save this term. Do whatever you think you must, before this term goes the way of the interbelt.

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- Posted December 2000, Last Updated 8/6/2006