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  "Finally! the definitive
guide to Excel for Scientists,
written by a Scientist!

Now available: Excel 2007 for Scientists CD-ROM!

Excel For Scientists CD-ROM

Written by a Scientist for Scientists

Finally - visual training written for scientists by a scientist. Are you tired of trying to learn Excel with examples from accounting? This 589 slide, self-paced training package is loaded with informative samples from the world of science. Learn the pitfalls of Excel for scientists and how to work around them.

Completely Visualized!

Learn Excel in full color. Every slide has rich illustrations to demonstrate the concept.

Self-Paced with Self-Checks!

Click through the slides at your own pace. Every few slides, there will be a multiple choice question to ensure you've mastered recent concepts. These are the same concepts taught during Dr. Verschuuren's Excel Seminars. He has taught this course to major pharmaceutical and other scientific companies with rave reviews! If you can't schedule Gerry at your office, then the next best thing is to buy this CD!

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Look at everything you will learn!

You get three complete modules on the CD covering 644 slides.

Module 1 - Graphs for Scientists
Types of Charts in Science
Building Charts and Graphs
  • Use of Chart Wizard
  • Improving Charts
  • Adding Data to Chart
  • Transforming the Chart
  • Error Bars
  • Secondary Axis
Complex Scientific Graphs
  • Building from Scratch
  • Chart Formulas
  • Chart Inserts

Module 2 - Record Keeping for Scientists
Cell References and Data Validation
Search & Decision Tools
  • IF and Nested IF
Analyzing Tools
  • Array Functions such as Frequency
  • Database Functions such as DSUM
Extra Tools; Filtering and Macros
  • Filtering and Solving
  • Simple Macros
  • Homemade Functions
Pivot Table Basics

Module 3 - Statistical Analysis
Regression Analysis
  • Linear & Mono-factorial
  • Trend Lines
  • Curve Fitting: linear and non-linear
  • Multi-Factorial regression
Sampling Distributions
  • Normal Distribution, Students t Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Chi-Square Distribution
  • Estimating characteristics (with confidence)
  • Testing characteristics (with significance)
  • Testing Distributions (Chi-Square Test)

Look at some of the Amazing things you will Learn:
  • How to add a trend line to a chart with two clicks!
  • When to use PEARSON instead of CORREL
  • Create a multifactorial or polynomial trendline
  • Generate Random Samples with various characteristics
  • Get descriptive statistics of a sample - the normal way and the better way!
  • When to use NORMDIST vs NORMSDist
  • When to use CONFIDENCE vs Z
  • Save your favorite chart formatting so future graphs can be created in 2 clicks
  • Include Error Bars on a chart
  • Make Columns touch each other for a histogram
  • Unleashing the power of the SERIES formula
  • Unlinking a chart from it's data (Like PasteSpecial Values, but for Charts)
  • Fill a range with Weekdays
  • Keep your Data Validation lists on a hidden worksheet
  • FREQUENCY function
  • Home made array functions for frequencies with text bins
  • When to use Goal Seek vs. Solver
  • Pivot Tables to create Frequency Distributions

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About the Author
Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. He is the author of many textbooks and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations. He holds master's degrees in Biology and in Philosophy, plus a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Science from Universities in Europe. He is author of Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA and Join the Excellers League .

Product Details
CD-ROM: 589 Pages;
System Requirements: PowerPoint 2000 or later for self-tests; Excel 2003 or earlier
(For Excel 2007 training - Checkout the Excel 2007 for Scientists CD-ROM)
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; ISBN 0-9724258-6-1
Price: $75

If installing in Vista, read this note.

Click here to order the CD!

You can buy the complete course for $75.
Complete Course - $75


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