"Teach someone to fish and they will never be hungry."

This ancient proverb is what MrExcel.com is all about.  By reading our archive of tips and/or by asking questions on the Message Board, anyone can learn the secrets to making Excel hum

Philosophical question: If after learning how to fish, what if you decide it is too much of a hassle?  Does that mean you can't eat fish?

I have learned how to fish, and I have to admit that I do not like it. I hate the worms. I really am not into the whole fishing experience.  However, I love to eat fish. Fortunately, here in Akron, Ohio, where we are based, the horseradish-encrusted salmon served at Ken Stewart's Bar and Grille is among the best you will find in the world. I appreciate that Ken has taken care of all of the tedious parts of fishing for me.

Perfect solution for those who prefer not "fish" for answers to Excel problems: Hire MrExcel Consulting to take care of the tedious parts of Excel analysis for you.

At MrExcel.com, processing Excel data is our job. It is what we do, all the time. If you have a daunting Excel project and would rather be fishing than massaging 30,000 rows of data in Excel, hire MrExcel.com Consulting to tackle the task for you.  Often, we can have your data whipped into shape for less than the price of dinner for two at Ken Stewart's Bar & Grille.  Give us the opportunity to solve your problems.

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