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Excel Engineering and Graphics Consulting

Are you looking for a solution to your Excel engineering problems? MrExcel.com's Excel engineering and graphics consulting service uses Excel to design custom applications to solve your engineering and graphical problems in Excel. 

Write to Mala@MrExcel.com for a free project estimate for your engineering graphics needs. This page shows a sampling of some of the custom designed Excel applications developed by us to solve engineering problems:

Engineering Diagrams Using Autoshapes
MrExcel.com can help you perform calculation outputs with diagrams using Autoshapes. 

The diagram below was generated using Excel AutoShapes. A new drawing relevant to the current data is generated on every run of the program.


This is an illustration of how the design of an engineering structure (here, a strip foundation) can be presented in Excel. The design calculation is located to the left, while supporting graphics depicting the forces acting on the structure, as well as the calculated steel reinforcement, are shown in the right section. 

Scaled Drawings Using AutoShapes
MrExcel.com's Scaled Drawings using AutoShapes are programmatically generated using Excel AutoShapes. A new drawing relevant to the current data is generated on every run of the program.


This is an illustration of how a complete engineering drawing based on survey data AND sub-soil exploration data containing sub-strata information of a proposed bridge site can be generated in Excel. The drawing also contains calculated end results and is meant as a supplement for calculations in a tabular form. 

Diagrams Using AutoShapes 
Diagrams created using AutoShapes like the ones shown here are produced programmatically using Excel AutoShapes generated from a database of survey data. The shaded area is the area calculated. The shading effect is achieved by layering filled autoshapes. Diagrams are true to user-defined scale.


This is an illustration of the area in cross-section of a road that has suffered damage from traffic. The objective is to compute the quantity of filling material required in the road crust to restore the desired cross-profile of the road. 

Custom Bar Chart Using Autoshapes
MrExcel.com's Custom bar charts using autoshapes are created using only lines and rectangles. 


This highly customized bar chart shows two types of data for each year and it is programmatically created from a database of chronological information. Excel has no facility to directly generate such a chart. 

Meter Chart
A combination scatter chart and stacked bar chart to display values as readings on a horizontal meter. The background colored zones are user customizable.



Speedometer Dial Chart
Speedometer Chart shows current setting. Green/Yellow/Red used to indicate non-conformance. This is basically two auto-shapes for the circles in the dial and the hub. The rest is a customized XY chart. For more information go to
Excel Speedometer and Dial Chart Utility



XY Chart Applications
This XY Chart Application was created by arranging ten XY charts in a grid. The charts are automatically updated for each run with a new data set. 


This scaled graphical representation shows the effects of standard trains of rolling loads on a bridge superstructure. This shows that position of each train on the span that produces the most severe loading effect at a specific location on the girder.

Calculated values of the bending moments and shear forces are shown in each diagram. This representation supplements a tabular output of detailed computations. 

This XY Chart Application was developed as a solution for a problem that involved executing a regression analysis of a set of data points scattered in 3-D space to fit an optimum sphere (represented here as a circle, which is how a 2-D projection of a sphere will look). 


The analysis uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to arrive at the result. This is a screen shot of a 2-D representation of a 3-D non-linear optimization problem. 

Interactive Bar Chart
This interactive bar chart is automatically updated from the related database as soon as the user selects an item from the list box on the top right of the chart.



3D Surface Chart
This 3D surface chart is automatically generated as a supplementary output for a parameter (Factor of Safety) dependent upon two variables: named ranges used to auto-update for current data.



Engineering Drawing Generated with XY charts: 1
This full-fledged engineering drawing is drawn to a user-specified scale and is generated programmatically using XY scatter charts as well as autoshapes placed within the charts. There is one chart for each drawing element shown in the example here. 

The user simply enters the dimensions and other specs in a worksheet input area and clicks a 'Draw' button. Execution time is approximately 10 - 25 seconds depending on the complexity of the drawing. All the charts are programmatically placed in position to make a complete drawing sheet. 


The sample drawing show here depicts a civil structure - the structural details of the abutment of a bridge on well foundation. 

Iterative XY Charts
This sample XY chart application shows a screen-shot of diagrammatic representation of the analysis of stability of earthen embankment to obtain the critical slip surface and the corresponding factor of safety at failure condition. 


The calculation is an iterative procedure and the chart updates according to the current values of the parameters. When the final result is obtained, the chart reflects this result and is ready to print without any user intervention.

Pie Bubble Chart
For each point, Pie size is representative of bubble size. You can easily customize the pie fill color. The pies are auto updated using a class module or via the manual update button. The data labels show % pie filled along with bubble size.


You can basically ad another dimension of information to a bubble chart with this custom chart type.

Layered Donut Chart
This may be described as a pie graph with extra layers like a donut graph. The unique thing is that each layer holds the proportion of the one inside. One can use this to track portfolio holdings across accounts.


Conceptually it's like a pie chart with each slice exploded twice.

Step Chart
Representation of achievement of milestones for activities of a project form an activities database. You would also be able to add other milestones on the activities database. Each of the Milestones is one vertical step on the step chart. Time elapsed is represented by the horizontal on the step.


If the milestones are reached out of order then they automatically reorder so the steps only always work towards the target. The horizontal scale at the bottom is customizable. Dashed green line represents planned milestone achievement and red actual achieved.

Chart in Excel Range
This ‘Chart’ is drawn in a range of cells using autoshapes. The user has the option to display either the values in the cells or the chart itself (with various sub-options).


As a cell value is changed the ‘chart’ auto-updates like a native Excel chart.

Macroeconomic Supply Curve Add-In
With the macroeconomic supply curve add in, you can generate a new chart type in Excel. Typical supply curve charts the height of the bar indicates supplier cost, and the width of the bar indicates units supplied. Check out the
MacroEconomic Supply Curve Add-in page or allow us to create a custom chart to meet your needs.



Product Catalogs
With Excel, you can display product pictures on the fly by selecting a range of SKU's and hitting a hot key. Pictures can be displayed either in an interactive dialog box or as a new worksheet for printing. Add any information to each picture.



Excel-AutoCad Integration
Tired of making the same drawings over and over again? Exasperated with errors of omission when editing old drawings to reflect new data?

Experience the power of integration - the number-crunching capabilities of Excel working in tandem with the drafting prowess of AutoCad, the flag-bearer of drafting apps worldwide. Hire us to develop your own grab-bag of the components you use most frequently. Just enter/edit data in a worksheet and have AutoCad generate the drawing for you, complete with dimensioning and annotation - in seconds.



Xcelsius Dashboards
Stunning dashboards created in Xcelsius

Our Xcelsius consultants have years of experience working in the Finance department of a Fortune 200 company, preparing presentations for the board level. Before writing a bit of code, we will analyze your requirements, analyze your data, and propose a dashboard that is INTUITIVE, INTERACTIVE, and DELIGHTFULLY SIMPLE to use.



Send your project requirements and instructions to Mala@MrExcel.com for a free estimate for solving your engineering problem with our custom engineering and graphics consulting service. The MrExcel team will examine your project requirements and objectives and provide you with a cost estimate for the job.

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