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A revolutionary new book on Excel!

  "I've learned more
from this class
than in 12 years of
working with Lotus and Excel!

         -Excel Power Seminar Attendee

Learn Excel from Mr Excel by Bill Jelen

This book is available as an e-book through the MrExcel Store.

"Almost as good as being live and in person at Jelen's Power Excel Seminar."

If you ever find yourself in Akron, Ohio - you should make sure to attend Bill Jelen's Power Excel Seminar at the University of Akron. Jelen will have you laughing while you learn more about Excel than you thought possible. If you use Excel 20+ hours a week, attending this seminar will save you 100+ hours per year. Don't take my word for it: read comments from attendees:

"Very knowledgeable!"

"This is the best class in Excel. I will be able to use these techniques every day. I only wish I had attended years ago."

"Best computer class I've taken, anywhere, anytime."

"Excellent! Would recommend it to everyone."

"Bill is great!"

My research at MrExcel shows that for the 10 most powerful spreadsheet tools, less than 45% of the people make regular use of each tool. My seminars are popular because I reveal how to really make use of these tools. I show real-life business examples, show how the tool can dramatically improve your efficiency. But... I am not just a puppet of Microsoft. I will also tell you the dark side of any tool. I will tell you the Gotchas and problems that can crop up when you try to use the tool. This is oh-so-important - when you try to use a tool for the first time and you don't know the gotchas, you will have a less-than-pleasant experience.

"Revolutionary - not an Excel bible - learn without even realizing you are learning."

Many Excel books try to go in a serial fashion through every single Excel option. These books are tough to use. No one at my dinner table ever uses the word "concatenation" in dinner conversation. How would you know to turn to the chapter on concatenation when you need to learn how to join a column of first names with a column of last names?

This book offers 277 real-life business problems. Each problem includes an explanation of the problem, strategy for solving, details on the strategy, any gotcha's, alternate approaches, and a summary. You will never have to go hunting for "Concatenation". Instead, turn to the topic on "How to join two text columns".

Over the course of reading through these business solutions, you will encounter every important Excel function and tool.

"Not loaded with party tricks that you will never use - this book will teach you how to use Excel very efficiently."

Many of you may have read the On Excel book. That book was filled with amazing techniques. They were tips that even the Excel tipsters missed. It taught you party tricks. It showed you how to perform a front wheelie with a bicycle and spin around in the air. This is all impressive stuff, but is it really useful every day? Once the book came out - some people weren't happy with the book. If you were an Excel guru - someone in the top 2% - you loved the book - but if you are a person who just needed to use Excel, and use it well, the old book didn't explain the how and why. As a co-writer, I did not have the editorial freedom to add the explanations that I thought should be in there. When an Excel beginner bought the book - it was just an Amazon one-star review waiting to happen.

I really took these comments to heart. I've written the book for the "other 98%" - this book is for anyone who uses Excel 10+ hours per week at work. I will show you how to really use Excel. Everything is explained in step-by-step detail.

These aren't sexy tips. It is just basic Excel - but techniques that you would never discover if you were taught Excel in on-the-job training. It is possible to use Excel 40 hours a week and never use the tools in this book. I LOVE to get in front of a room full of CPA's. If I can make 40 CPA's oooh and ahhh in the first 45 seconds of a seminar, I know that I have found an audience for what I have to say.

I do two shows a month on Call for Help - a technology show in the USA, Canada and Australia. During the last taping, I felt bad that I was showing a "boring" tip. It wasn't anything sexy or powerful - just a plain old tip that could let you replace 2 hours of work with 5 mouse clicks and 30 seconds. Leo Laporte loved the tip. This book has 277 "boring" tips that will allow you to do things faster than you ever imagined. If On Excel was the manual for how to do stunt bicycle tricks, then Learn Excel is the manual that will teach you how to ride a bicycle faster than you ever imagined was possible.

Product Details
Paperback: 896 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 8 x 10 x 2.5
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; ISBN 1-932802-12-6 (Oct 2005)
Available in e-book version only


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