Another Dueling Podcast and Bill thinks he has a ‘killer solution’ for this one – lets find out! Today, in Episode #1359, Mike ‘ExcelIsFun’ Girvin and Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen find solutions that will Round Dollars to two (2) decimals, but Round Crude to four (4) Decimals. This Dueling Excel Podcast shows three (3) methods using IF, VLOOKUP or Conditional Formatting.

"Slaying Excel Dragons" by Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen"Dueling Excel Podcast #70…This episode is the video podcast companion to the book, “Slaying Excel Dragons: A Beginners Guide to Conquering Excel’s Frustrations and Making Excel Fun“, by Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen. [Currently available as an eBook / Print Edition due soon!!]


Microsoft Excel 2010: In Depth by Bill JelenExcel 2010 In Depth“, by Bill Jelen a.k.a. MrExcel.

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