The Basics of Excel Charting: Part I

This is the first of a Four (4) Part series on the Basics of Charting with Microsoft Excel 2010. Today, in Episode #1405, Bill will begin by showing us the criteria for the Data Set we want to create our Chart with and how we would set that up. By taking just words in a Microsoft Word Document, Bill will then proceed with the steps to get the Data from Word set up properly to creating our Chart in Excel. Follow along to learn – from the ground up – how to proficiently Chart in Microsoft Excel 2010!

“Charts And Graphs: Microsoft Excel 2010“, by Bill Jelen…This episode is the video podcast companion to the book, “Charts And Graphs: Microsoft Excel 2010“, by Bill Jelen a.k.a. MrExcel.

"Excel 2010 InDepth by Bill Jelen"For more Excel 2010 knowledge, check out “Excel 2010 In Depth“, by Bill Jelen a.k.a. MrExcel.

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