VLOOKUP Awesome Quick: From Your First VLOOKUP to Becoming a VLOOKUP Guru” the new E-Publication by Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen and MrExcel Labs.

VLOOKUP Awesome Quick by Bill Jelen

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From ‘MrExcel Labs, this Enhanced eBook is designed exclusively for the iPad. This e-publication Includes text, audio, and video; a media-rich and in-depth look at the Excel VLOOKUP. 134 Pages, 5 Audio Clips, 8 Videos and 160 Screen Shots -plus Text- make up this revolution in VLOOKUP Training and Mastery from the Master himself – Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen!

VLOOKUP Awesome Quick is an enhanced eBook designed to get the reader up to speed with the VLOOKUP function in Excel. The book starts with the basics of “Explain a VLOOKUP in plain English”, “How to Enter Your First VLOOKUP”, how to troubleshoot VLOOKUP when you get all #N/A or a few #N/A errors. It covers steps to make VLOOKUP easier. You will learn real-life applications of VLOOKUP. The book moves on to advanced topics like moving beyond VLOOKUP to using INDEX and MATCH, Two-way VLOOKUP, Finding the last match. The last chapter includes examples of INDIRECT and OFFSET.

To learn more about this new e-Publication from MrExcel, visit the VLOOKUP Awesome Quick Page at MrExcel.com