Crystal Long: “VLookup to Calculate Distances using Latitude & Longitude”


From Microsoft Access MVP Crystal Long “My VLookup video calculates distance between coordinates using VLookup to get Latitude and Longitude from a table of Zip Codes, which is available as a free download on my website. There is also Concatenation, Errors (of course) and how to fix them, Relative and Absolute References, Range Names, Transposing,(…)

Mike Girvin: “Approximate Match & Sort To Reduce Match Calc Time”


Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin is really taking VLOOKUP to Task! In this 4th daily installment for VLOOKUP WEEK 2012, Mike Offers us “Approximate Match & Sorting To Reduce Exact Match Calculation Time”. Download the sample workbook at: [youtube=]   Find more of Mike Girvin’s Excel Tutorials at ExcelisFun On YouTube.

From XL-Dennis: “Using VLOOKUP in VB”


From XL-Dennis we have an entry that uses a VLOOKUP in Visual Basic [VB]! “I thought it would be interesting to create a case and see how VLOOKUP can be part of  VB-solutions. Actually, for several years ago I did similar solutions but with classic VB (VB6) for a customer. Imagine that we have a(…)

Charles Williams: “Why 2 VLOOKUPS are better than 1 VLOOKUP”


Microsoft Exel MVP Charles Williams sends in his contribution to VLOOKUP WEEK. For all you VLOOKUP junkies who can’t get enough of VLOOKUP, here is a wonderful reason to use 2 VLOOKUPs instead of 1 !! Exact Match VLOOKUP is slow When you have a lot of data in Excel (think 10,000 or 100,000 or(…)

Ute Simon: “Currency Conversion Excel 2010 with VLOOKUP & Conditional Formatting”


Submitted to the VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 Blog, by Ute Simon (Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Germany) at, is a German Language entry posted at the Office2010-Blog by Frank Arend-Theilen (Former Excel-MVP). This entry is a Currency Conversion Worksheet created in Excel 2010. “Sommerzeit ist Reisezeit! Die Koffer sind schon gepackt. Da die Fahrt auch in Länder führt, die nicht(…)

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