1.048 Million Rows within 16,384 Columns! That’s 17 Billion Cells… on JUST ONE WORKSHEET!

This is our 8th Podcast featuring the New Book “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen. Today, Tyler needs to be able to insert some Data into a Spreadsheet that already has existing Data in it. Follow along with Episode #1586 to learn your options and best practices in performing this merger.


Many ‘Beginner Oriented’ Excel How-To books say they can bring you from zero to familiar with the important features of Microsoft Excel – ‘Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet’ actually will. Why are we so confident? Because the questions in this book were asked by an absolute Excel Beginner – Tyler Nash – with the answers provided by three (3) Microsoft MVPs specializing in and dedicated to teaching others Microsoft Excel, from the ground up – Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen

"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen

“The Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Series”

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