Welcome Back Gentlemen! Let the “Dueling Excel” Episodes Roll!

Mike ‘ExcelisFun’ Girvin and Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen are at it again! Today, a really confusing title with a simple objective: “1234Burchy” wants to Find the Slowest time that is ‘within’ Two (2) Seconds of the Fastest Time.

Bill reaches back to a Function =DMIN, which he hasn’t used in years… Mike opts for a twist to Bill’s set up and takes a practical look at the =SMALL Function. Follow along with Episode #1636 to see how Mike and Bill arrive at a Duel-Solution to this quest.


Dueling Excel Podcast #110…This episode is the video podcast companion to the book, “Slaying Excel Dragons: A Beginners Guide to Conquering Excel’s Frustrations and Making Excel Fun“, by Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen. [Currently available in eBook / Print Edition and as a DVD Bundle]


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