Another Podcast from the series: “Things that I Learned at Trainertage“, by Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen. For more information and previous Episodes from this series, refer to Podcast #1632.

Today, Bill looks at Translating Formulas – a trick learned from Dietmar Gieringer while Bill was attending the 8th annual Trainer Days [Trainertage 2013 event] in Lucerne, Switzerland. Last week Bill looked at the fact that Excel 2010 does not have ‘Formula Text’ and thus he created a quick Function in VBA to provide the equivalent of Formula Text. Now, this solution is wonderful – if you want English; what if you wanted to see the Formula Text in another language? Use MyCell.FormulaLocal instead of MyCell.Formula. Follow along with Episode #1694 and see how easy this foray into Visual Basic for Applications really is!


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