Yesterday, in Episode #1733, it required two MATCH and one INDEX to Merge the Data from Two Worksheets. Today, in Episode #1734, using PowerPivot in Excel 2010, Bill shows us another way to find the Price for each Customer/Item combination. While PowerPivot is supposed to make life easier, this method still requires Two Concatenation Formulas, Two Ctrl+T, Two Add Linked Table, One drag from Key to Key, then One RELATED Function and an application of Mike Alexander’s trick from my Episode #493. Which is easier? #1733 or #1734?


"PowerPivot For The Data Analyst", by Bill Jelen

This episode is the video podcast companion to the book, “PowerPivot For The Data Analyst: Microsoft Excel 2010“, from Bill Jelen a.k.a. MrExcel. The First book on PowerPivot, the breakthrough Microsoft technology that can extend business intelligence to any Excel user. Use PowerPivot, SharePoint Analysis Services, and Microsoft SQL Server together, to slice and dice huge amounts of data, and create and share powerful business models.

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