Calculate The MEDIAN of the last 10 Entries in a column. Bill uses OFFSET with COUNT. Mike uses an Array Formula from his upcoming “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” book to find the last 10 Non-blank Cells. Check out Episode #1735 – and click the following link *to pre-order Mike’s book: *


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"Ctrl+Shift+Enter" DVD by Mike 'ExcelisFun' GirvinArray Formulas are a powerful tool in Excel. An Array Formula works with a series of Data Values instead of a single Value. Excel Array Formulas are mysterious, even to people who use Excel 40 hours a week. Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used to solve everyday Excel problems – and Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin has stepped up to show us how! Click here for more information about Mike’s New DVD,“Ctrl+Shift+Enter”…

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