Upendra asks: “How do we Transpose Data while keeping a Live Link between the Original Data and the Transposed Data?” Since we know that A normal Paste Special Transpose will turn the Data but lose the Links, Bill presents the solution. Today, in Episode #1751, MrExcel uses Two Formulas that will solve the Link Issue and provide the anticapated result.


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And if you are curious about and looking for more experience with Array Formulas, consider this:

"Ctrl+Shift+Enter" by Mike 'ExcelIsFun' GirvinAlthough elusive, Array Formulas can be used to solve everyday Excel problems. If you need to figure out how many times your birthday fell on a Friday, an Array Formula can solve that. If you need to return a Unique List of Sales Reps from a Database, an Array Formula can solve that. Now, at your own pace, you can learn the methods, the tricks, the dos and the don’ts that will allow you to “Command The Power of the ‘Array Formula’ in Microsoft Excel“! “Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Mastering Excel Array Formulas” by Mike ‘ExcelIsFun’ Girvin tells all!

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