November 11, 2013 is Veteran’s Day here in the USA. My 91 year old father, Bob Jelen is a WWII vet. He recently moved near us, so I am more in tune with all of the Veteran’s Day happenings in town, including  a rash of restaurants offering free breakfasts or appetizers to veterans. Our favorite is Fred’s Diner which is (ironically?) offering free creamed chip beef on toast all day for veterans.

I recently published 7 new Excel tip cards, available either in laminated card form or for immediate download as PDF. The tip cards offer as many of my favorite Excel tips as I could cram into the space of a two-sided tip card.

To thank veterans for their service, I am offering the free PDF download of two of the Excel Tip cards:  Excel 2010 Tips & Tricks and Excel Formulas. I have specifically chosen these two cards as they are the most popular. They will not offer all of the delicious calories of the SOS served by Fred’s Diner, but they will provide Excel nutrition for years to come.

Free Excel Tip Cards

All veterans and active-duty military are invited to download and use these two tip cards with my thanks for your service.

As I have been helping my dad get moved to Ohio, I am keenly aware of the hassles foisted upon veterans. From showing the DD-214 at the VFW to trying to prove to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles that my dad really qualifies for the POW license plate, I do not want this to be a hassle. Instead of presenting your DD-214, simply drop an e-mail to the temporary e-mail address today, November 11, 2013, with a few details (“Army 1945” is enough) and I will respond with the link to download the tip cards. Note: check your spam folder, as gmail is classifying the return e-mail with the link as spam. I won’t use the e-mail addresses for any other reason. Your spam will not go up. The e-mail account will be deleted after this week.

Thanks again for your service! If you see me at Fred’s Diner later this morning, be sure to stop by and say hello to my pop.