Excel Guru Szilvia Juhasz convinced L.A.’s ‘Big Lucky Band‘ to back her singing a great Excel/PowerPivot version of ‘Santa Baby’.

You can watch the video here: “Santa Baby – Excel Remix“.

There are some terms in the song (SUMX, MINX, DAX) that may be foreign to people using Excel without PowerPivot. In an effort to enhance your enjoyment, here are the complete lyrics with links to examples:

Santa baby! Some Power BI apps on the tree for me!

Designing dashboards all year Santa baby!

So hurry down the chimney tonight!

Santa baby! An outer-space relational dah-tah-base!

In the 3rd normal form, Santa baby!

Ill speak to you in SQL tonight!…

Then up in the cloud, we’ll go for a ride!

We’ll take a crazy tour of Office three six five!

Meet me after Power Pivot school

for some calculated measures by my swimming pool!

Santa baby! An Excel cabaret on a yacht! (Why not??)

I’ll let you click my XY Scatterplot, Santa baby!

So pivot down the chimney tonight!

Santi papi! Let’s vamos a quitar la noche & we’ll make DAX 😉

We’ll formulate the MINX() and the MAXX(), oh Santa baby!

I’ll hookup that VLOOKUP tonight!

Santa boss-man!

Just fill my stocking with some SUMX() and checks!

Sign Steve B. on the line, Santa baby!

I think he can afford it tonight!

Now that MrExcel – he’s all the rage!

I flipped the day he finally liked my Twitter page

He even wrote about me in his book!

Power Pivot for the Data Analyst (take a look page 57)

Santa baby! About that Microsoft MVP award

ya think it’s time to hook up some more chicks, baby??

cuz Club XL’s got plenty o’ guys!

So hurry down the chimney tonight (that’s right)

Meet me at the Sky Drive To-nite!!!!!!!


Yes, You Can Download MP3 of “Santa Baby Excel” For Your iPod!

To Contact Szilvia Juhasz:

Reach out on Twitter: @XSzil  or  LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8558709


… Sorry John (@Jon_Peltier) …  there will be more “Santa Baby” this week!

That’s just a start. RT @loweringthebar: It wouldn’t bother me if the song “Santa Baby” was never played again.

— Jon Peltier (@Jon_Peltier) December 11, 2012


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