Back in Excel 2010, Ctrl+O or Ctrl+S would take you directly to a dialog box that resembled Windows Explorer. Starting in Office 2013, you had to muddle through extra steps of choosing My Computer, then Browse. There is a hidden setting to return to the Explorer-type dialogs. 

Follow these steps to bring back the Explorer-type dialogs:

1. Open Excel 2013

2. File, Options

3. In the left navigation, choose Save.

4. The 5th checkbox is “Save to Computer by Default”. Choose this to prevent SkyDrive/OneDrive from being the default.

5. The 3rd checkbox is “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files”. Choose this.

Excel Options




After changing those settings, use Ctrl+O in Excel 2013 to directly access the Open dialog.

If you have an unsaved file and use Ctrl+S in Excel 2013, you will directly access the Save As dialog.

However, if you were a fan of Alt+F+O to open a file or Alt+F+A for Save As, these will continue to take you to the backstage view. The Alt+F is opening the backstage view, so you will still have the extra clicks.

For Save As, one other solution is to customize the Quick Access Toolbar and add the Save As icon. This icon will take you directly to the Windows Explorer-type Save As dialog no matter what the settings are in Excel Options.

Thanks to Jan Karel Pieterse, Anita Oakley, Ian Huitson, Steve Rindsberg, Rory Archibald, Roger Govier, Ingeborg Hawighorst, Smitty, and Jon Peltier for the discussion that lead to Anita pointing out this setting.