When you run your Data through PowerPivot, you can not group daily dates up to Months & Years as you can with a regular Pivot Table. Today, Episode #1886 shows how to use a Calendar Table to group and sort in Power Pivot. Learn More about PowerPivot, Excel and the real Power of Tables in action – Check out the new “Power Pivot Alchemy” book, by Bill Jelen and Rob Collie!

PwrPvt_Alchemy_V1300PowerPivot Alchemy: Patterns and Techniques for Excel by Bill Jelen and Rob Collie [Print Version]

“PowerPivot Alchemy is far less ‘techie’ than other PowerPivot books…all you have to do is follow the pattern, and you will have something awesome to show for your time and attention.” —Bill Jelen, MrExcel.com

PowerPivot is an amazing new add-in for Excel 2013 that allows business intelligence pros to process large amounts data. Although it is simple to use in a demo environment, analysts are likely to run into real-life scenarios that are difficult to solve.

This guide, dedicated solely to the PowerPivot tool, provides techniques and… Read More Here

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