Microsoft Excel MVP Charles “Fast” Williams just released V3 of his Fast Excel add-in. I had the opportunity to see Charles demo this product recently in Amsterdam and it blew me away. Today, Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast #1892 is a review of the Fast Excel add-in and shows some of my favorite features of the product.

Bill’s Notes on This Product:

Profiler: Locate and eliminate Spreadsheet bottlenecks

Speed Tools:

  • New Worksheet Functions for Lookup, Filter, and Array handling.
  • Quickly reverse an Array.
  • Count Unique Cell Values in a Range.
  • Count Unique Rows in a Range.
  • Return a list of Unique Items with the count of each item.
  • Concatenate a Range of Cells without specifying each individual Cell.
  • Super-fast Lookup Functions that do not require your Array to be Sorted.
  • Advanced Llookup that will return 2nd match, last match, first match, or all matches.

Manager: Name Manager, Formula Manager Tools

There are al-a-carte pieces you can buy for $89, $59, $59, $29 and$29 depending on your needs. But, until the end of July 2014, you can get the Whole  Fast Excel add-in Suite for Half Price at $94.50. Judging by what I’ve seen and was able to do -easily- with the Fast Excel add-in, this seems to be the way to go.