There is a great discussion at the MrExcel forum about using Excel forums to increase your knowledge of Excel. Board member TinaP summarized it this way: “Books got me started with Excel knowledge, but the forums educated me.”.

Most people who use Excel 40 hours a week don’t realize which powerful tools they do not know. Nothing makes you aware of how much you don’t know about Excel than reading a few forum threads every day. Reading someone else’s question and then the collaboration of the community in solving the problem will enlighten you about many different ways to solve the problem.

When I check Google Analytics for the forum, I find that too many people come in to the site for the first time, read one thread, and then bounce out. This could mean they got the answer to their particular problem and left happy. But it does capture them to stop back every day and read a few more threads to learn what they don’t know.

One feature that I added to the MrExcel home page is an RSS box in the right column that shows a different five hot topics from the MrExcel board.


This content is refreshed every day. I choose topics that include a mix of VBA and non-VBA questions.

Anyone who is looking for fresh content for their blog or website is welcome to re-use the RSS feed or the script that displays the RSS feed in a 160-pixel wide box.

The RSS feed is

To embed that feed in a box on your blog or website, use this script:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">