Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad

Learn Excel – “Use Solver with VBA”: Podcast #1830


Haizen has to arrange transport for ‘N’ employees where ‘N’ can be 1 to 500. There are three types of vehicles available with different capacity and different cost. He wants a Formula for Back

Learn Excel – “Show AutoFilter Selected Items”: Podcast #1827


Mark G has an AutoFilter outside the print range and wants to show what is selected in the AutoFilter inside the print range. Excel 2013 Table Slicers could do this, but Back

Learn Excel – “Is Text in ANY Column?”: Podcast #1826


Two similar questions: (1) Can I count how many Rows contain certain Text in any Column? (2) Can I Filter to only Rows that have the selected Text in Back

Learn Excel – “Chart Picture Stack & Scale VBA”: Podcast #1821


The Excel 2010 & 2013 Macro Recorder will not record how to Stack and Scale a Picture Fill in a Chart. In Episode #1821, Bill shows us Back

Learn Excel – “Compile Error – Now What!?”: Podcast #1820


You copied some Excel VBA code from the Internet, but when you try to run it, you get a Compile Error with Back

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