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Do you remember: Led Zeppelin II Chicago III Rocky IV Star Wars V I am about to write my 40th book. MrExcel XL (yep, “40” in Roman is “XL”) In a crazy bid to build buzz, I am pre-selling the book and everyone who buys gets their name in the book. Funds are used to pay for upgrading the book(…)

Learn Excel – “8 Ways to Paste Values”: Podcast #1814


At my Fort Myers, Florida Power Excel Seminar, someone showed me a new way to Paste Values. Back

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Bob has a Two-Row Data set with Sales from different countries arranged Back

Learn Excel – “Cleaning Data Pasted from the Web”: Podcast #1781


Grab some Data from the Web, paste to Excel, and you get Back

Learn Excel “Links to Closed Workbook Stored in Workbook”: Podcast #1774


Imagine that a co-worker writes a VLOOKUP to a Closed Workbook and refers to $A$1:$S$99,19 to grab a Back

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