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Learn Excel – “8 Ways to Paste Values”: Podcast #1814


At my Fort Myers, Florida Power Excel Seminar, someone showed me a new way to Paste Values. Back

Learn Excel – “UDF Rollover Jordan Goldmeier”: Podcast #1813


Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier stopped by yesterday for a guest appearance on the podcast. Traditional rules say that a User Defined Function is not allowed Back

Learn Excel – “Increment Invoice # OCT13001”: Podcast #1812


Rupesh asks how to increment an invoice number in the form of YYMMM001, where the 001 Back

Learn Excel – “Monochrome Chart Pattern Fills”: Podcast #1810


Today, Bill gives us one of the highlights from him latest Power Excel Seminar in Fort Myers, Florida this month. Back

Learn Excel – “Elections Board Dates 20131017”: Podcast #1809


Chris has 400K records from the Board of Elections. The Date of Birth field is a string of Back

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