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Learn Excel – “Show Mean on Bell Curve – 5 Ways”: Podcast #1825B


An addendum to Episode #1825 – several easier ways to add a line at the Mean of a Bell Curve using a Drawing object, Back

Learn Excel – “Add Mean to Bell Curve”: Podcast #1825


Several comments on the ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’ Podcast Series Episode #1663 asked how to add a Mean to the Bell Curve Chart. Today the Episode #1825 Podcast shows us Back

Learn Excel – “Too Many INDIRECT Slows Calculation”: Podcast #1824


Today Bill looks at Extreme Excel. It seems that Abhijeet took INDIRECT to the extreme – 1200 Formulas, Back

Learn Excel – “Summing for Ad Agencies”: Podcast #1823A


Good news: The new Surface ads feature Excel. Bad news: there is a Spreadsheet Error in the ad. You may read the Original Blog Post from David Yanofsky.  Back

Learn Excel – “Summarize Total Row from Each Worksheet”: Podcast #1823


David from Fort Myers has one Worksheet for each Expense Category. The total Row appears Back

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