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Learn Excel – “Tardy 4 Times in 8 Weeks”: Podcast #1870


Sunnee asks if there is a Formula for identifying people who were tardy more than three times within an eight week period. Provided the Data is sorted from earliest to latest, Back

Community’s Dean Pelton Learns Excel Podcast #1852


Great news if you are a fan of the sitcom Community on NBC. Series visionary Dan Harmon is back and episodes from season 5 began airing January 2, 2014. Episode 2 includes one story arc where Dean Craig Pelton (Jim Rash) is trying to learn and use Microsoft Excel. This inspired today’s podcast:   Back

Learn Excel – Validation List No Blanks – Bob Umlas – Podcast 1844


The source of your Data Validation list contains blank cells and you don’t want those blanks to appear in the dropdown.  Back

Learn Excel – “Nested Functions with fx”: Podcast #1831


Rob asks for tips on entering Nested IF functions in Excel. Today in Episode #1831, Bill shows us how to use the Function Arguments dialog box to assist. Back

Learn Excel – “Use Solver with VBA”: Podcast #1830


Haizen has to arrange transport for ‘N’ employees where ‘N’ can be 1 to 500. There are three types of vehicles available with different capacity and different cost. He wants a Formula for Back

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