Excel Quick Tips

Convert Excel Dates to Month Names


Need to Subtotal or Group by Month? The TEXT function will take any number or date and convert it to text using a particular custom number format. Try these: =TEXT(A2,”MMMM”) for full month name =TEXT(A2,”MMM”) for 3-letter month abbreviation =TEXT(A2,”DDDD”) for full month name =TEXT(A2,”DDD”) for 3-letter month abbreviation You can use any valid custom(…)

Secret DateDif Function in Excel Calculates Years, Months, Days


        Sometimes, you need to show each employee’s age in Years and Months. The cool|secret|sometimes buggy =DATEDIF function does the trick.   This function has not been documented since Excel 2000, so figuring out the third argument is the trick. Enter “Y” to get full years. But, if you enter “M”, you(…)

Wish Excel Had AutoAverage Like AutoSum?


It already does! Open the tiny dropdown arrow next to the AutoSum icon, and you have AutoAverage, AutoMax, AutoMin, and AutoCount! This is one of the tips in Learn Excel 2007-2010 from MrExcel – 512 Excel Mysteries Solved.

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