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15 Years Later


Today is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in 1998 when I opened Notepad and coded up the HTML that would become the home page at The stated concept was simple – send me your Excel questions. The best questions would end up in a tip of the week.(…)

Learn Excel – “Add Mean to Bell Curve”: Podcast #1825


Several comments on the ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’ Podcast Series Episode #1663 asked how to add a Mean to the Bell Curve Chart. Today the Episode #1825 Podcast shows us Back

Learn Excel – “Compile Error – Now What!?”: Podcast #1820


You copied some Excel VBA code from the Internet, but when you try to run it, you get a Compile Error with Back

Learn Excel – “Enter Numbers in Millionths”: Podcast #1817


Jim from Timken shares a trick to prevent typing extra zeroes, even if you are entering 0.000012. This trick works for entering numbers in Back

Learn Excel – “Data Validation Dropdown Arrows Always Visible?”: Podcast #1816


The question: ‘Is it possible to keep the Data Validation Drop-down Arrows visible?’ In Episode #1816 of the “Learn Excel from MrExcel”   Back

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