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UserVoice – What is your Idea to Improve Excel?


I just returned from the Microsoft MVP Summit where I spent a few days with the Excel team. Would you like a way to communicate your Excel improvement ideas to the people who build Excel? There is a new way.

Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables


You pivot table has a list of cities, but no Territory field: There is an easy way to create a virtual Territory field: 1) Select the cities in the first territory (Click on first city, Ctrl+Click on others) 2) In the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, click Group Selection. 3) By default, they call the territory(…)

Learn Excel – “GetPivotData to Solve Impossible Pivot Table”: Podcast #1873


Rekha viewed ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel‘ Episode #655 where I used Group Field in a Pivot Table to create a year-over-year report. But Rekha needs Back

Learn Excel – “Changing Chart Type with a Slicer in Excel”: Podcast #1853


Slicers often change the data shown in a chart, but Edwin asks can you change the chart type with a slicer? Today’s video shows how this can be done. Back

Learn Excel – “Hide Excel Columns with Slicer”: Podcast #1796


Dalia tried to use the Excel Interactive View to show data on the web, but she needs to Back

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