Learn Excel – “Group & Sort Dates in Power Pivot”: Podcast #1886


When you run your Data through PowerPivot, you can not group daily dates up to Months & Years as you can with a regular Pivot Table. Back

Learn Excel – “Path in Power Map – Pier to Pier”: Podcast #1858


A Pun, Some Fun, Coastal Camaraderie and a New Book Title Debut for a Thursday Podcast from ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’! Back

Local Power Pivot User Groups


Do you want to learn more about Power Pivot? Rob Collie is trying to gauge interest of people who would join a local user group. Drop in at his page to register your city. http://www.powerpivotpro.com/excel-power-pivot-user-groups/    

Power Pivot and Power View 2013 Now Included with Excel 2013 Standalone Box Edition


Big breaking news today from Microsoft. You can finally buy Power Pivot 2013 in a box. Starting today, if you purchase the full boxed edition of Excel 2013 (currently $98 at Amazon.com), the download will include Excel 2013, plus Power Pivot 2013 and Power View 2013. It will presumably include the rest of the Power(…)

Learn Excel 2013 – “Harvesting Scraped Web Pages”: Podcast #1685


Pivot Tables, Charts and Scraped Web Data.

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