Vlookup in Excel

From ‘Smitticisms’: “IF Statements and LOOKUPS”


 Smitty writes: “This article will focus on the appropriate use of IF statements, and also show you when it’s better to move into more robust formulas like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH.”  …To Continue on with Smitty’s Tutorial click here .

Tom Urtis at Atlas Programming Management Inc: “LOOKUP Page”


VLOOKUP Resources from Tom Urtis

Tom Urtis: “Lookup First and Last Values Along Row”


“When you are faced with a table that is scattered with values among empty cells, you might need to know the first (left-most) or last (right-most) value in that row. In the following picture, the first value in the row is returned by the formula =INDEX(D2:H2,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX((D2:H2<>0),0),0)), copied down as needed.” …To Read More Click Here(…)

Tom Urtis: “Reverse Intersecting Lookup: Return Row and Header Labels”


While tidying up the storeroom for the VLOOKUP WEEK Blog… we came across a few things – this is one. “I recently posted this example, followed by this more advanced example for finding an intersecting value in a table with multiple rows and columns. Today it’s the opposite scenario, where you identify a value in(…)

From ‘Beginning Excel’: “HLOOKUP to Find Resistor Values”


Find your Value in the correct Tolerance with HLookup!

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