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Dueling Excel – “Working on the Railroad”: Podcast #1883


Today’s question for Duel 158: “You have to rent rail tank car #123 for a 3 month period. The daily rate changes twice ; once in

Dueling Excel – “Category and Settings in Same Cell”: Podcast #1867


Every once in a while, you run into ugly Data Sets and this one qualifies.  In ‘Dueling Excel’ Episode #154, we find that someone decided it would be brilliant to Back

Dueling Excel – “LOOKUP First Over 100”: Podcast #1855 / Duel #150


Wow. 150 Dueling Excel Podcasts and counting! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do =VLOOKUP(>100,MyTable,-1,False)? Back

Learn Excel – “Count Cells Containing Digits 423 in Any Order”: Podcast #1834


Can Excel count Cells that contain any sequence of the digits 423? My solution in today’s Episode #1843 seems a bit clunky. To me, it seems like the first step has to be The Formula:=SMALL(MID(TEXT(A2,’000′),{1;2;3},1)*1,1)*100+SMALL(MID(TEXT(A2,’000′),{1;2;3},1)*1,2)*10+SMALL(MID(TEXT(A2,’000′),{1;2;3},1)*1,3)*Make sure to Array-enter this formula by holding down Ctrl+Shift while pressing Enter. Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used to(…)

Learn Excel – “3 Level Validation Using Slicers”: Podcast #1798


Ian wrote in looking for an Array Formula that would build a unique list of managers who Back

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