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Dueling Excel – “Split a Contract over N Months”: Podcast #1860


Today, in Dueling Excel Episode #152, Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin and Bill “MrExcel” Jelen look at Splitting a Contract Period. Back

Learn Excel – “Animating a Chart without Power BI”: Podcast #1856


Animating Free Flight of Morpheus Lander in Excel Without Power BI Morpheus Lander – c/o NASA If you like today’s Podcast #1856 and want to learn more about Animated Data in Excel without using Power BI, you are welcomed to Download the MrExcel ‘Morpheus Project Workbook’ Right Here! Back

Dueling Excel – “LOOKUP First Over 100”: Podcast #1855 / Duel #150


Wow. 150 Dueling Excel Podcasts and counting! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do =VLOOKUP(>100,MyTable,-1,False)? Back

Learn Excel – “Changing Chart Type with a Slicer in Excel”: Podcast #1853


Slicers often change the data shown in a chart, but Edwin asks can you change the chart type with a slicer? Today’s video shows how this can be done. Back

Learn Excel – “Downloads in New MrExcel Shopping Cart”: Podcast #1848


It’s 2014! A New Year, with new software running the MrExcel Shopping Cart. One of the perpetual questions for the MrExcel Team is Back

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