Episode 673 – Custom Numbers


Hamideh sends in an interesting question. He set up a really cool custom number format to prevent people from having to enter 4 dashes in a part number. However… now Find appears not to work. In Episode 673, I will show you the hidden setting to assist with the Find. This blog is the video(…)

Episode 600 – 500th Episode


Bill makes a special offer for you today in Episode 600 . . .

Episode 599 – Text Box Length


Joe Marten sends in a better way to limit the number of characters entered in a cell. Episode 599 shows you how. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video every workday to learn one of the 277 tips from the book! For(…)

Episode 598 – Evenly Distributing Numbers


Jerry from Georgia asks how to randomly distribute numbers from a list of numbers. For example, you might want to evenly distribute a list of prospects to sales reps. Episode 598 shows the somewhat convoluted method to make sure you don’t get any duplicates. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn(…)

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