Episode 897 – Paste Data on a Chart


While I’ve shown how to drag and drop data on a chart, that method doesn’t work if your chart is on a different worksheet than the data. Today in Episode 897, a trick to add new data to an existing chart. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from(…)

Episode 885 – Ugly Time-Series Charts


Chuck sends in a great question about charts that use a time-series along the x-axis. Chuck has weekly data. The default chart in Excel 2003 is ugly. Excel makes the columns ultra-thin in the chart. Chuck has one workaround, but his manager doesn’t approve. In Episode 885, a workaround, then the real solution, and a(…)

Episode 881 – Chart Quarters or Months


Tom from Cincinnati asks how to create a chart which can show either monthly or quarterly data. Episode 881 shows how to manually set up group and outline symbols to achieve the result. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video every(…)

Episode 845 – Stacked Column 3


Episodes 801 and 815 suggested many ways for getting the total of 3 series in a stacked column chart to appear above the column. Both Ute and John wrote in with yet another method, a method that is probably the easiest. Episode 845 will show you how. This blog is the video podcast companion to(…)

Episode 836 – Pie Chart on a Coin


This was an intriguing question…how can you set up a pie chart in Excel that appears to divide a dollar coin into wedges? It is not as easy as you would think. If you try to fill the chart with an image of a coin, Excel repeats the coin image on each wedge of the(…)

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