conditional formatting

Episode 517 – Conditional Find


Rod calls in a question today; how to use conditional formatting to highlight all the track athletes from a particular school. This requires the conditional format to look for the school name within a cell. This is very easy in Excel 2007 but very difficult in Excel 2003. Episode 517 discusses the functions required to(…)

Episode 470 – Conditional Formatting


Today’s guest podcaster is MVP Zack Barresse. Zack shows how to apply a greenbar formatting using a cool conditional formatting formula. Episode 470 shows you how.

Episode 427 – Gantt Chart


This cool trick shows you how to create a Gantt chart right in the Excel cells by using Conditional Formatting. The chart is a live chart that colors cells based on several data values. Episode 427 shows you how. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel from MrExcel. Download a(…)

Episode 347 – Andy’s Problem


Andy “Cyber” Walker once asked me what seemed like a simple question – he wanted to use conditional formatting to change records to green if the total of all records for that day exceeded $1000. While this sounds simple, it actually is incredibly complex to set up. Episode 347 walks you through the amazing conditional(…)

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