Excel 2013

Learn Excel – “Show All Excel Named Ranges at Once”: Podcast #1879


If you change your zoom to 39% or lower, Excel 2013 will show you the name and shape of your named ranges.

Explorer-Type Dialogs in Excel 2013 for Open or Save As


Back in Excel 2010, Ctrl+O or Ctrl+S would take you directly to a dialog box that resembled Windows Explorer. Starting in Office 2013, you had to muddle through extra steps of choosing My Computer, then Browse. There is a hidden setting to return to the Explorer-type dialogs.  Back

Learn Excel – “Ctrl+T Excel Table Defaults Don’t Stick”: Podcast #1793


Quinton, from Jacksonville FL, is searching for a way to have the Default Excel Table Format persist from Back

Dueling Excel – “Show Baseball Innings as 7.1”: Podcast #1755


Baseball Statistcal Averages and Microsoft Excel – on The Same Team.

Learn Excel – “Drag & Drop to Values, An Excel Daily Paper and Trending XL”: Podcast #1754


So much going on you’ll just have to read today’s Learn Excel post…

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