Filter by Selection

Excel Filter by Selection


There is a great Filter by Selection icon in Access. Excel offers the same functionality, but it is hidden and mislabeled! To add the command to your Quick Access Toolbar: Right click the QAT Choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar From the top left dropdown, change from Popular Commands to All Commands In the left listbox,(…)

Episode 839 – Filter by Selection


Shawn sends in a great tip for today’s podcast. Access has a Filter by Selection icon. Using a few lines of VBA code, you can add this functionality to your personal macro workbook. Episode 839 shows you how. Here is the code:Sub Filter_by_Active_Cell()Dim ColNum As IntegerColNum = ActiveCell.Column – _(ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Column – 1)Selection.AutoFilter Field:=ColNum, Criteria1:=ActiveCellEnd Sub(…)

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